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Staff 1-50 of 93
Name Title Department Email Telephone
Ailor, Marla Clerk Treasurer Clerk-Treasurer  
Aleman, Javier Street Laborer I      
Arnold, Kayla Director of Communications Communications 463-214-1928
Barrett, Marissa Communications Specialist Communications  
Bays, Brett Detective Police 317-804-3200
Beaver, Danielle Guest Services Representative   317-804-3150
Biljanic, Matt Firefighter/EMT     317-804-3300
Blazier, Sara Digital Communications Specialist Human Resources  
Bradford, Timothy Building Inspector   317-503-0568
Capes, John Program Manager Parks & Recreation 463-269-4881
Carey-Tolan, Danielle Chief of Staff Administration 317-966-5523
Cline, Brent Senior Building Inspector Community Development 317-617-6425
Cline, Chase Building Inspector Community Development 317-804-3170
Collingwood, Ryan Associate Planner Community Development 317-741-8857
Contreras, Francisco Public Works Administrator/Inspector Public Works 317-439-8284
Cottrell, Jennie Guest Services Representative Guest Services 317-804-3150
Crabtree, Daine A Senior Planner Community Development 317-416-2586
Cree, Jason Firefighter/Paramedic    
Dartt, Jon City Council District 1 City Council 317-914-9390
Davis, Zachary Senior Building Inspector Community Development 317-408-6654
Devitt, Jeremy Firefighter/EMT Emergency Medical Services  
Dine, Robert Detective Lieutenant Police 317-804-3200
Duepner, Joe City Council District 3 City Council  
Ernest, Caleb Senior Planner Community Development 317-519-8630
Essex, Adam Senior Project Manager / Utility Coordinator Engineering 317-605-3750
Fairman, Jenell Director of Economic Development   317-804-3040
Farrar, Micha Deputy Clerk Treasurer Clerk-Treasurer 317-804-3025
Flora, Ryan Division Chief, Fire Marshal    
Frerking, Krista Social Media & Marketing Coordinator Communications  
Gagnon, Kerri Chief Deputy Clerk Treasurer Clerk-Treasurer 317-804-3021
Gambrel, Andrea Records Manager Police 317-804-3200
Ganly, Jen Director of Guest Services Guest Services 317-804-3150
Gillingham, Lauren Senior Planner Community Development 463-231-6649
Glazier, Kaitlin Chief of Legal      
Gommel, Catherine Guest Services Manager   317-804-3150
Grimes, Eric Captain - Patrol Division Commander Police 317-804-3200
Gubocki, Gina Guest Services Permitting Representative Guest Services 317-804-3150
Harding, Brent Senior Systems Analyst Maps    
Hays, Dennis Grounds Maintenance Streets and City Maintenance 317-804-3112
Herron, Noah City Council District 5 City Council 317-914-9394
Hieber, Leane GIS Manager Maps   317-379-1171
Hollowell, Charles Major Police 317-804-3200
Howard, Anthony Detective Police 317-804-3200
Huff, Chad City Council At Large City Council 317-914-9512
Jones, Justin Street Superintendent Streets and City Maintenance 317-804-3150
Jordan, Scott Assistant Chief of Police Police 317-804-3200
Larsen, Christopher Director of Informatics Maps  
Leuteritz, Pat Representative Public Works 317-804-3171
Lilly, James Captain - Criminal Investigations Division Commander Police 317-804-3200
Marlow, Gregory Detective Sergeant Police 317-804-3200
Staff 1-50 of 93