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Westfield is a thriving community with a rich heritage

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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Benzinger, Sara Communications Manager Communications 317-416-6452
Aiyar, Amanda Records Manager/Social Media Coordinator Records 317-804-3200
Ake, Jim City Council President City Council 317-730-4959
Anderson, Don Firefighter Fire   317-804-3333
Anderson, Justin Firefighter Fire   317-804-3333
Bauer, Steve Firefighter/EMT Fire   317-804-3333
Bays, Brett Detective Criminal Investigations 317-804-3200
Biggs, Gary Lieutenant Fire   317-804-3333
Biljanic, Matt Firefighter/Paramedic Fire   317-804-3333
Binter, Greg Inspector Engineering 317-605-3605
Blackford, Charles Property Room Manager/Evidence Tech Property & Evidence 317-804-3057
Blech, Michael Firefighter/EMT Fire 317-804-3333
Breedlove, Brandon Grand Park Facilities Maintenance Manager Water & Wellhead Protection 317-804-3150
Cline, Brent Building Inspector Economic and Community Development 317-617-6425
Cline, Michael Arson Investigator Fire   317-804-3333
Cline, Tom Captain Fire   317-804-3333
Clouse, Scott Detective   317-896-5236 x 3053
Contreras, Francisco Public Works Administrator Public Works 317-439-8284
Cook, Dayne Firefighter/EMT Fire   317-804-3333
Crabtree, Daine A Associate Planner Economic and Community Development 317-416-2586
Crail, Ray Firefighter/EMT/Quartermaster Fire 317-804-3333
Cree, Jason Firefighter/Paramedic    
Cuppy, Bron Firefighter/EMT Fire   317-804-3333
Davis, Zachary Street Foreman Streets and City Maintenance 317-804-3100
Devitt, Jeremy Firefighter/EMT EMS / Ambulance Service  
Dickover, Chris S Firefighter/EMT Fire   317-804-3333
Edwards, Josh Firefighter/EMT Fire   317-804-3333
Ericksen, Josh Firefighter/EMT Fire   317-804-3333
Ericksen, Kyle Firefighter Fire    
Ernest, Caleb Associate Planner Economic and Community Development 317-519-8630
Erotas, Peter Community Outreach Manager Community Events and Engagement 317-804-3183
Essex, Adam Senior Project Manager Engineering 317-605-3750
Everitt, Chad Firefighter/EMT Fire 317-804-3333
Everitt, Dennis Firefighter/EMT Fire 317-804-3333
Farrar, Micha Deputy Clerk Treasurer Clerk Treasurer 317-804-3025
Freed, Rachelle Customer Service Manager Customer Service 317-804-3150
Fuller, Mark Firefighter/EMT Fire 317-804-3333
Gagnon, Kerri Chief Deputy Clerk Treasurer Clerk Treasurer 317-804-3021
Gaylor, Robert Deputy Chief of Operation Fire 317-804-3333
Gibbons, Jason Lieutenant Fire 317-804-3333
Gilliam, Jeff Firefighter/EMT Fire 317-804-3333
Gingerich, Rick Paramedic Fire 317-804-3333
Gossard, Cindy Clerk Treasurer   317-804-3026
Greathouse, Jason Inspector Engineering 317-450-0630
Green, Eryn Division Chief of EMS Fire 317-804-3333
Gunning, Jason Firefighter/EMT Fire 317-804-3333
Hansen, Matt Firefighter/EMT Fire 317-804-3333
Harding, Brent Senior Systems Analyst Informatics & Maps    
Harling, Garry Division Chief of Fire Prevention Fire 317-804-3333
Harris, Corey Community Development Coordinator Economic and Community Development 317-432-4883
Staff 1-50 of 147